Service on the ARB would begin in January 2023.  Galveston County citizens interested in the ARB service should submit a completed application.  While there is an immediate need for applicants, completed applications are accepted year-round to fulfill any potential vacancies. 

Applications and requirements for service can be found on GCAD’s website at under ARB application or requested by contacting GCAD’s offices at 409-935-1980.

What happens if I do not appear for my formal hearing?

Your protest will be dismissed if you do not appear in person, through a valid affidavit, by agent, or by pre-scheduled telephone hearing. You may request that the ARB Chairperson reopen the hearing by sending a letter within 4 days of the dismissal citing the “good cause” reason for failure to appear.

Where are ARB hearings conducted?

In-person hearings are conducted at the Galveston Central Appraisal District. The hearing letter you receive will have specific instructions regarding the location of your hearing.

When will I get my notice about a formal hearing?

The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) sets protest hearing schedules. You will receive a notice of protest hearing letter by general mail at least 15 days before the scheduled formal hearing date. Included with that letter will be a copy of Property Taxpayer’s Remedies (a publication of the State Comptroller’s Office), a copy of the ARB hearing procedures, and a statement that you have the right to inspect the information that the Appraisal District plans to introduce at your hearing.

What should I bring to my formal hearing?

Please bring your hearing letter to expedite the check in process. You should also bring any information that you want to present to support the value you think is correct. Bring 5 sets of the evidence to the formal hearing.