Galveston Central Appraisal Review Board

Galveston Central Appraisal Review Board

ARB Board Members
Hanks. Bruce Sr. (Chairman)
Hudnall, Melvin D. Sr. (Secretary)
Rice, Cathy
Samuel, William Jr.
Calvey, Linda
Heldt, Hoi
Syers, Walter
Hughes, Charles E.
Youngblood, Phillip M.
Crisp, Cindy (Aux)
Dugas, Kenneth W. (Aux)
Durrani, Saleem (Aux)
Forster, Dennis K. (Aux)
McLauchlan, Robert A. (Aux)
Peterson, John P. (Aux)
Richard, Edward C. (Aux)
Spencer, Joseph (Aux)

ARB Hearing Procedures

ARB Rules

Appraisal Review Board Application Information


ARB Member Application Form

ARB Member Reappointment Form

Appraisal Review Board

The Appraisal Review Board (ARB) is an independent, impartial board of citizens authorized to resolve property appraisal disputes between taxpayers and the appraisal district.  An individual must meet specific requirements & live in Galveston County for at least 2 years prior to serving. Individuals are appointed by the Local Administrative District Judge once an application and interview process is completed. The appointed members will serve a 2 year term with a 3 term limit. ARB members must be certified by the State of Texas and attend certification training prior to serving.

Members are not employees of the appraisal district and are not eligible for employee benefits.  While conducting ARB hearings, members are paid a “per diem” for each day of active service. ARB service does require a full time commitment, Monday through Friday, for the months of May through September (protest season).  Other ARB functions and meetings are conducted, as required, during the year.   All ARB members should demonstrate fairness and courtesy in conducting hearings, along with the willingness to devote sufficient time to the responsibilities of the ARB.

The ARB Role in the Property Tax System

The Appraisal Review Board is the administrative review arm of the property tax system and is a quasi-judicial entity with responsibility to hear and resolve appraisal disputes between property owners and appraisal districts. The ARB has a very broad and important responsibility, but must be sensitive to its legal and practical limits while adhering to Texas Property Tax Codes. 

For cost saving purposes, the ARB meets at the Appraisal District office; however it is a separate entity from the Appraisal District and serves a different function.  The ARB only has authority over matters submitted to it and has no role in the day-to-day operations of the district or property appraisals.  Only in resolving taxpayer protests can the ARB order changes to the appraisal records and such changes only affect the property in question.

Note:  Please note that if you, as a taxpayer, speak to an ARB member regarding your property protest, the ARB member will not be able to participate in your protest hearing. All questions need to be referred to the appraisal district to speak to the appraiser in charge of their property or to the Chief Appraiser.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this important civic duty, please contact the GCAD office @ 409-935-1980 or the GCAD Taxpayer Liaison (